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A Sanctuary of Hope and Peace
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Dr. Gail Bailey 
Senior Pastor

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Dr. Gail Bailey and the Ministry Team of Deliverance Tabernacle welcomes you!

Deliverance Tabernacle is a Spirit-filled church that is on fire with God's love and power. Our Ministry Team is excited to serve the community and be a blessing to you. Dr. Gail Bailey is an equipper who provides strong leadership and training that promotes spiritual growth and development. 

In the fall of 2019 we moved into our new location on S. Florida Ave., where the daycare, Mountain View Child Care Center (MVCCC) has had long-standing roots in the community since the mid '60's. In addition to powerful Praise, Worship, & preaching, D.T. has several ministries and programs:

  • Family Life Christian Education Ministry                          Journey to Recovery (Spiritual 12 step)
  • Outreach Ministries Evangelism & community                    Christian Learning Institute Bible College
  • New Believer's Baptism & Support                                        Ribbons of Hope Cancer Support Group
  • Mountain View Child Care Center                                       BaiLily Books, LLC

It is our mission to provide a power-packed ministry experience in every service. If you need prayer, encouragement, support, training, or fellowship--

   Sunday Services                         11:00 AM 
       also available on FB Live 11:30 AM & YouTube 
   Wednesday Bible Study              6:00 PM
   Thursday Journey to Recovery  6:30 PM
   Friday Prayer                               7:30 PM

    Join us on YouTube                  Like us on Facebook

The Ministry Team  of Deliverance Tabernacle
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New Believer's 

                Mountain View
                                Child Care
                                         Serving children 
                                                     12 mos-12 yr
 Ministry Team
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  Sunday 11:00 AM                                                       Facebook Live
  Wednesday Bible Study & Bible Clubs 6:00 PM        YouTube
  Wednesday New Believer's Classes 6:00 PM
  Thursday Journey to Recovery 6:30 PM
  Friday Night Prayer 7:30 PM