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“That the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

 CLI has been awarded authority from the Office of the Commission on Higher Education for Religious Training Institutions
to issue certificate and degree level programs through the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree. 
An application for Master & Doctoral Level degrees has been submitted.

Christian Education Teacher
(6 lessons + practicum)

Pastors and Teachers this is the course that you have been looking for to train teachers, maintain up-to-date files, conduct background checks and provide a high level of accountability.   

This certification provides Christian teachers with the training needed to understand both the needs of ministry and the basic principles of teaching in the classroom.

This program of study offers six weeks of coursework to complete the studies required in the program. Then, 6 month practicum at their home church. 

An optional day-long seminar is offered to certify participants in First Aide, CPR, and Blood Pathogen. In addition, students can opt to have background checks run for full Christian Education Teacher Certification.

Six months of training includes:
  • Orientation to Ministry
  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Basics of Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning & Development
  • Teaching Techniques 
  • Overview of Human Growth and Development
  • 6 month practicuum

  • Optional: Background Check (to certify the teacher)
  • First Aide, CPR, and Blood Pathogen certification

Orientation to Ministry
Christian teachers must have a dual understanding of teaching and ministry. This four hour seminar will introduce the teacher to ministry, defined the responsibility to God, the church and the people in which they serve.  Each student will complete a Spiritual Gifts Assessment to compliment their understanding of the teaching call upon their life.  This class will also walk the teacher through the application process, obtain pictures for files, signed Code of Conduct agreement, and (optional) background check.

Introduction to Teaching
Introduces the student to the world of teaching, how the learner learns, and the Scriptural principles of teaching. This class will help the new teacher evaluate the needs of the students. Overview of learning styles and problems (ADD, ADHD, etc.)

Basics of Classroom Management
This class provides information on Safety, First Aid, Housekeeping, No choke guidelines, Registration, and general classroom management. This is a MUST for all teachers and administrators.

Lesson Planning and Development
Learn to put a lesson together, plan training to build on spiritual principles and develop the knowledge of the student. Learn to study the Word of God and develop curriculum 

Teaching Techniques
Learn different styles of teaching techniques and when to use them so they are most effective. 

Choose the teaching path you want to follow. Will you teach youth, teens, or adults? Understand the difference in their learning abilities and styles, as well as the issues that are important to spiritual development at each age.

Human Growth and Development
This class helps the teacher understand the different stages of human growth and maturation from birth through Senior Adult and how each group learns.


Background Check
Fingerprinting, Checks through CBI and the National Sex Offender Registry. (Extra charge)

First Aid, CPR and Blood Pathogen Certification
A certified nurse will provide instruction and certification for first aid, 
CPR, and blood pathogens. (Extra charge)​

6 month practicum (at your church)

Christian Education Director 
Children's Pastor
(8 week course $150 + Books)


Christian Teacher Certification or three years of classroom experience.
Also recommend: Christian Leadership

Assessing the needs of your Christian Education Program
Learn how to assess your current Christian Education program and do a gap analysis. Build a strategic ministry plan for students and staff and develop an assessment for ongoing growth in the Christian Education Department of your church.

Recruiting, Training, and Building a Team of Volunteers
Brainstorm with other Christian Educators to put a Recruiting plan in place, train volunteers, and ensure files of volunteers comply with the I.R.S. 501(c)(3) standards.

Selecting and / or Building Curriculum 
Learn what each age group should learn to meet their life needs and build a solid spiritual foundation. Build a library of resources that can be utilized more than once to reduce the budget and keep it fresh.

Keeping the Christian Education Program Fresh
Volunteer scheduling, special events, organization, appreciation programs, teacher planning meetings and maintaining safe facilities.

Follow-up programs 
Brainstorm with other educators to build a Follow-up program that promotes maximum student retention.

Enhancing your Christian Education Program
Using incentives, rewards, crafts, puppets, media, and other crowd pleasers to enhance your Christian Education Program.

Marketing Your Program for Ultimate Return
Learn to market your program and special events to the community by using tools and opportunities on social media, The Mail Vine (email broadcasting media), free cable television opportunities and more.

Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling
Christian Education volunteer staff must be mentored, counselled and even disciplined when necessary. Putting a volunteer "checkup" program in place, good communication, and mentoring will keep teachers and Christian Education volunteer staff on track.


First Aide, CPR, and Blood Pathogen Certification
A certified nurse will provide instruction and certification for these programs. (extra charge)

(17 week course $150 + Books)

​In addition to the Deliverance Curriculum, the book, Deliverance from Darkness by James Goll will be used for homework assignments.

Manifested Powers 
The Power of God * The Power of Man * The Power of Satan 

History of Satan
In the Day Thou Wast Created * The Fall of Lucifer * Keys off Kingdom Authority

Origin of Demons, Abode of Devils * The Nature of Demons * Demonic Manifestations * Demons in the Old and New Testaments * Spirits named in Scripture * Christ's War Against Satan's Kingdom * The Destiny of Satan and His Demons * Names and Description of Demons in Scripture

Demonic Possession
God's Design for Man * Progression of Spirit Power * Ways Demonic Influences are Introduced * Demonic Dominance and Control * The Effects of Sin on Body, Soul, & Spirit

Satan's Authority Part I
Satan's Tyranny * Satanic Methods to Dominate and Control *  Spiritual Attachments * Transference of Spirits

Satan's Authority Part II
Psychological Influences and Theories * The Spiritual Man

Satan's Authority Part III
Regression * Repression * Suppression * Depression * Rejection * Vexation * Obsession * Oppression * Possession * Next Steps

Soul Ties
What is a Soul Tie? * How are Soul Ties Formed ? Evil Soul Ties * How to Break an Evil Soul Tie

The Authority of Demons Part I
The Authority of Demons * Levels of Demonic Authority * Footmen/Soldiers * Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers * Overcoming Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers

The Authority of Demons Part II
 Strongmen or Strongholds * Hosting Demonic Possession 

Realms Where Demons Operate
War Against the Flesh * Principalities * Powers * The Divine Council of God * Power in the 1st & 2nd Heavens * Rulers of the Darkness of this Age * Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Places * 24 Elders

Hierarchy of Satan's Kingdom
Introduction to Satan's Kingdom * Angelic Classifications * Demonic Hierarchy

Seven Spirits of God
Seven Spirits of God  Seven Manifestations of God's Character versus the Seven Manifestations of Satan

Deliverance Part I
How Does Demon Possession Happen * Self-Deliverance * Deliverance from Circumstances * Satanic Oppression * Chastisement from the Lord * Divine Intervention

Deliverance Part II
Casting out Devils * Demonic Manifestations * Pleading the Blood of Jesus

Aftercare and Maintaining Deliverance
Swept and Garnished * Plundering the Strongman's House * Symbols of Satanism * Follow-up * Wholeness and Emotional Healing

Working with a Deliverance Team
Your Level of Spiritual Authority * Unity in the Deliverance Team * Training and Strategy * Purging Homes of Demon Spirits * Spiritual Warfare * Kings and Priests

This class will do a shut-in fast and work with the team on assignment in classroom exercises and people's home to provide spiritual cleansing.

for the course
plus books

Many teachers were installed into the classroom out of desperate need. They received no training and have never felt confident in their teaching. This program of study certifies the teacher with the foundations of teaching that inspires confidence and excellence in teaching.
"I love to teach, but feel I need to understand more about teaching." This is the cry of many Christian Educators. This program of study is just what you need.

for the course
plus books

A good teacher doesn't necessarily make a good Director. Children's Pastor's and Directors are usually home-grown with no training. Change the trend in your church to a build a better program.
Every pastor wants a well organized Christian Education Program that understands the needs of every member in the church body from cradle roll to seniors. Well-trained Directors is the key.

for the course
plus books

Spiritual signs will follow every believer: "they will cast out devils in the name of Jesus; speak with new tongues; lay hands on the sick and see them recover" (Mark 16:15 - 18).

And yet... the seven sons of Sceva were mauled because they did not understand what they were doing. (Acts 19:11 - 20). Take time to understand what Scripture says about casting out devils and deliverance.
Gallery of Graduates
2016 Christian Leadership Graduates
Michael Morales, Rick Armijo, Yvonne Armijo, Sarah Armijo, Jessie Patterson, Cheri Patterson, Monique Vigil, Michelle Lang, and Daniel Lang (in blue: Dr. Gail Bailey)

Deliverance Tabernacle
Pastor: Dr. Gail Bailey
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One Way Church 
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Semester One 
Denver Campus begins Fall 2018
S. Ohio Campus begins January 2019

Includes Old Testament Survey​


Lesson One
Salvation * Understanding the impact of Adam's Transgression Principles and Rituals of the Blood Covenant

Lesson Two
Qualifications for sacrifice under the old covenant * The cross * Jesus in hell * The resurrected Christ

Lesson Three
Salvation * Baptism of the Holy Spirit * Baptism of Fire * Spiritual Maturity * The Effect of Salvation * The Witness * Conviction

Lesson Four
The Response * Repentance * Justification * Temptation

Lesson Five
The Fruit of Salvation * Preparation of the Soil * Soiling the seed * Continued maintenance and care * Waiting for the harvest

Lesson Six
Training period that leads to mature fruit * Pruning for balanced growth * Self examination * Counsel and direction from leadership * The fruits of perfection * The fruit of righteousness * Fruits unto holiness * The fruit of truth

Lesson Seven
Deliverance from Satan * Spiritual attachments * Levels of spiritual authority exercised by Satan * Obsession * Oppression * Vexation * Possession

Lesson Eight
Deliverance * Self Deliverance * Deliverance from circumstances * Poor decision making * Satanic oppression *Chastisement from the Lord

Lesson Nine
Divine intervention * Casting out devils * Pleading the blood of Jesus

Lesson Ten
Stewardship of time * Stewardship of the body * Stewardship of attitude, conduct and conversation * Stewardship of spiritual growth * stewardship of generational curse

Lesson Eleven
The Godhead * The Character of God * God the Father * God the Son * God the Holy Spirit

Lesson Twelve
The church body * The God-appointed leader * Service to the body of Christ * Stewardship of service, time and worship * Financial stewardship

Students will also study
 Old Testament Survey
 during this first semester of study (20 weeks)

Semester Two
Denver Campus begins January 7, 2019
S. Ohio Campus begins August 19, 2019

Includes Old Testament Survey​


Lesson One
Overview of the Work of the Holy Spirit *Fruit of the Holy Spirit * History of the Holy Spirit

Lesson Two
The Day of Pentecost * The Holy Spirit Today * Receiving the Holy Spirit * Purpose of the Holy Spirit * The Difference Between the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit

Lesson Three
The Gifts and Callings of God *Mishandling Spiritual Gifts

Lesson Four
Word of Wisdom * Word of Knowledge * Faith * Gifts of healing * Scriptural Conditions of Healing * Chastisement * Immediate Healing * Healing Process

Lesson Five
Divers Kinds of Tongues * The Gift of Tongues in Church * The Gift of Tongues for the Individual * Intercession; * Interpretation of Tongues * Prophecy * Edification * Exhortation * The Delivery of the Gift of Prophecy * How Do You Tell a True Prophet

Lesson Six
Working of Miracles * Discerning of Spirits * Gift of Helps * Administration or Governments  * Perfecting the Gifts of the Spirit

Lesson Seven
History of the Five Fold Ministry * The Purpose of the Five Fold Ministry * Apostle * Qualifications of the Apostle

Lesson Eight
Prophet * Training to be a Prophet * Respecting the Office of the Prophet * Delivering the Message of God * The False Prophet * Evangelist * The Mission of the Evangelist * Training of the Evangelist * The Difference Between the Office of the Evangelist and the Ministry of Evangelism

Lesson Nine
Pastor * Training for the Pastor * Teachers * Lay Ministers (Elders Deacons and the Ministry of Helps) * Dedication and Consecration of Ministry

Lesson Ten
The Measure of Faith * Increasing Your Faith * Walking by Faith * Confession of Faith * Why it is Important to Speak the Word of God * Different Levels of Faith


Lesson Eleven
Know Your Enemy * Satan’s History * The Keys of Kingdom Authority * Your Level of Authority

Lesson Twelve
Spiritual Warfare * Strategic Plan for Spiritual Warfare* Kings and Priests * Giving God the Glory * Be A Team Player

Lesson Thirteen
Eight Levels in the Heavens* Earth’s Atmosphere * Outer Space * Where God Rides * Where the Heavens Droop at the Horizon *Paradise; * The Heavenly Tabernacle * Where did Satan Present Himself to God? * The Throne Room * The Lake of Fire * Spiritual Warfare (The Prince of Persia, There was War in Heaven)

Lesson Fourteen
LATTER DAY ARMY OF GOD * Three Major Levels of Warfare

Lesson Fifteen
Spiritual Armor * Helmet of Salvation * Breastplate of Righteousness * The Shield of Faith; * The Sword of the Spirit; * Loins Gird About with Truth * Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace * Mastering Your Armor

Students will also study
Old Testament Survey
during this second semester of study

Semester Three
Denver Campus begins August 14, 2019
S. Ohio Campus begins​ January 6, 2020

​Includes New Testament Survey


Lesson One
Review of the four levels of relationship: Salvation * Holy Spirit * Baptism of Fire * Spiritual Maturity

Lesson Two
Understanding the Baptism of Fire * The Work of the Fire

Lesson Three
History of Fire * Spiritual Fire * Attitude in the fire

Lesson Four
Purpose of the Fire  The Seven Spirits of God  Seven Manifestations of God’s Character versus the Seven Manifestations of Satan

Lesson Five
Spiritual Warfare in the Fire * Manifestations of the Spirits of God

Lesson Six
The Seven Spirits of God * The Eyes of the Lord * Wisdom * Understanding * Knowledge, Counsel 

Lesson Seven
Might * Fear of the Lord * The Spirit of Judgment

Lesson Eight
Zechariah’s Vision * Priestly Duties of the Lampstand * Introduction to the Anointing * Purpose of the Anointing * Production of Oil

Lesson Nine
The Flow of Oil * Virgins Who Had No Oil * Virgins Who Had Oil In their Lamps * Sellers of Oil * The Two Trees * The Ministry of Priest and King * Moses & Elijah * Golden Pipes and Pan * Moses’ & Elijah’s Progeny * Enoch * Two Lampstands * Holy Anointing Oil * The Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning 


Lesson Ten
What is Fasting? * The Purpose of Fasting * The Day of Atonement * The Attitude of Fasting

Lesson Eleven
The Benefits of Fasting * Fasting Essentials * Biblical Fasts * 40 Day Fasts * The Kinsman Redeemer * 21 Day Fasts * Three-Day Fasts; How to Fast

Lesson Twelve
Prayer * Ways to Communicate with God in Prayer * Effectual Fervent Prayer * Intercession * Standing in the Gap

Lesson Thirteen
What is Intercession? * The Purpose of Intercession * Intercession Under the Old Covenant * Intercession Under the New Covenant


The Call of God
Lesson Fourteen
Realizing the Call of God * The Ministry of Reconciliation * Developing the Ministry of Reconciliation * Are you Ready for Action? * The Attitude of Ministry (A Servant’s Heart)

Lesson Fifteen
Training for Personal Evangelism * The Bronze Altar * Roman’s Road * The Sinner’s Prayer * Scripture Resources * Assurance of Your Faith * Resources for Personal Evangelism

Lesson Sixteen
Lay Ministry and Professional Ministry * Taking Up Serpents and Drinking Deadly Things * Laying on of Hands * Faith * Obedience * Impartation of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Students will also study
New Testament Survey
during the third semester

Semester Four
Denver Campus begins January 14, 2020
S. Ohio Campus begins​ August 17, 2020

Includes New Testament Survey​


Lesson One - Spiritual Maturity
Salvation * Holy Spirit * God-Baptism of Fire * Spiritual Maturity

Lesson Two-The Process of Perfection
Let Us Go On to Perfection * Is Perfection Possible? 

Lesson Three - The Blood & the Cross

Lesson Four-The Blood
The Interim Blood of Sacrifice * The Difference Between the Transgression of Eve and the Transgression of Adam 

Lesson Five-The Blood of Jesus
Two Seeds * Two Bruises * The Difference Between Man's Blood & the Blood of Jesus * The Work of the Blood * Boldness to Enter the Presence of God

Lesson Six-The First Man-The Last Adam
Adam & Jesus * Garden of Eden * The Tree of Life as a Type of Christ

Lesson Seven-The Cross
The Word of the Cross

Lesson Eight-The Suffering of Christ
The Role of Suffering in the Life of the Believer * The Purpose of Suffering * If We Suffer with Him

Lesson Nine-If We Suffer with Him
Suffering as a Result of the Salvation Experience * Sin, Trespass, Transgression, and Iniquity * Bad Roots-Bad Fruit * I Press Toward the Goal *Suffering as Result of Spiritual Maturity

Lesson Ten-What is Praise?
Building the Spiritual New Jerusalem through Corporate Praise * Spiritual Walls * Spiritual Gates

Lesson Eleven-What Happens When You Praise
Garments of Praise * Spiritual New Jerusalem * Sacrifice of Praise * Why Does Satan Hate it When You Praise the Lord

Lesson Twelve-The Anointing
Zechariah's Vision * Priestly Duties of the Lamp Stand * Introduction to the Anointing * Purpose of the Anointing * Production of the Oil

Lesson Thirteen-Purpose of the Anointing
The Flow of Oil * The Two Trees * Purpose of the Anointing

Lesson Fourteen-Spiritual Significance of the Anointing
Golden Pipes & Golden Pans * Two Lamp Stands * Holy Anointing Oil & Spiritual Significance of its Ingredients * Burned to Ashes * The Spirit of Judgment & the Spirit of Burning.

Lesson Fifteen-Death & Eternal Destination
Lazarus and the Rich Man * The White Throne Judgment

Lesson Sixteen-Judged According to their Works
Introduction to the Rewards * Rewards * Rewards on Earth * Rewards in Heaven * Can you Lose Your Reward * The Standard of Eternal Judgment

Lesson Seventeen-The Bride of Christ
The Jewish Wedding * Arrangement Period * Betrothal Ceremony * Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Lesson Eighteen-Ranks & Rewards Part I
Rewards * Philadelphia

Lesson Nineteen-Ranks & Rewards Part 2
Second Echelon Over comers * The Bridal Party * Smyrna * Third Echelon of Rewards * The Wedding Guests * Fourth Echelon of Rewards * Pergamos

Lesson Twenty-Ranks & Rewards Part 3
Sardis * Fifth Echelon of Rewards * Thyatira * Laodicea

Students will also study
New Testament Survey
during the third semester

(2 year)

Program of Study

Systematically journey through the different levels of relationship with the Lord:


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