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BaiLily Books, LLC
BaiLily Books has an amazing collection of Bible Fiction, Bible Non-Fiction, Curriculum for Bible Colleges or School of Ministry, and Bible Studies. 

This is the first book in a series of four that is used for Bible Study, School of Ministry and Bible Colleges across the U.S. There are twelve lessons that include the following:

L1 Salvation: Salvation * Understanding the impact of Adam's transgression * Principles and rituals of the blood covenant
L2 Salvation: Qualifications for sacrifice under the Old Covenant * The Cross * Jesus in hell * The resurrected Christ
L3 The Effect of Salvation: Salvation * Baptism of the Holy Spirit * Baptism of Fire * Spiritual Maturity * The Effect of       
       Salvation * The witness * Conviction
L4 The Effect of Salvation: The response * Repentance * Justification * Temptation
L5 The Fruit of Salvation: Preparation of the Soil * Sowing the sseed * Continued maintenance and care * Waiting for the harvest
L6 The Fruit of Salvation: The training period that leads to mature fruit * Pruning for balanced growth * Self-examination *      
      Counsel and direction from leadership * The fruits of perfection * The fruit of righteousness * Fruits unto holiness * The fruit 
      of truth
L7 Deliverance from Satan: Deliverance from Satan * Spiritual attachments * Levels of spiritual authority exercised by Satan * 
     Obsession * Oppression * Vexation * Possession
L8 Deliverance from Satan: Deliverance * Self-Deliverance * Deliverance from Circumstances * Poor Decision Making * 
      Satanic Oppression * Chastisement from the Lord
L9 Deliverance from Satan: Divine intervention * Casting out devils * Pleading the blood of Jesus
L10 Stewardship-My Relationship to God: Stewardship of time * Stewardship of the body * Stewardship of attitude, conduct,                    and conversation * Stewardship of Attitude, Conduct, and Conversation * Stewardship of Spiritual Growth * Sewardship of 
        Generational Curse
L11 Stewardship-God's Relationship to Me: The Godhead * The character of God * God the Father * God the Son * God the  
        Holy Spirit
L12 Stewardship-My Relationship to the Body of Christ: The Church Body * The God-Appointed Leader * Service to the 
        Body of Christ * Stewardship of Service, time, and worship * Financial Stewardship
Salvation                                                               Curse Breaker                                              Armorbearer
Holy Spirit                                                              Halloween                                                    Christian Leadership
Baptism of Fire                                                       Kinsman Redeemer                                     Deliverance
Spiritual Maturity                                                    Logos to Rhema                                           Equipping Ministry (Deacon, Elder, Hospitality
​                                                                               The Drama Cycle                                         Healing
EQUIPPING FIVE-FOLD MINISTRIES                Vessel of Honor                                           Minister of Music               
Apostle                                                                                                                                        Ministry of the Altar
Prophet                                                                 NEW BELIEVER'S SERIES                       Program Director               
Evangelist                                                              Christianity 101                                                        
Pastor                                                                     Man a Living Soul (Body * Soul * Spirit)
Teacher                                                                   New Creation                                              FROM THE PULPIT
                                                                                Foundations                                                Life of Joseph-Shadow of the Cross
 FICTION                                                                 Roots                                                          Ezekiel's Wheel
 Down the Dusty Road                                            Growth                                                        Matrix of Promise-Birthing the Vision
 The Unseen                                                                                                                                Perils of Pornography
                                                                              OTHER STUDIES                                         The Life of Job-Building the Hedge
                                                                               Prayer                                                           The Life of Job-The Hedge
                                                                                                                                                     The Threshing Floor
This is the second book in a series of four that is used for Bible Study, School of Ministry and Bible Colleges across the U.S. There are fifteen lessons that include the following:

L1 Filled with the Holy Spirit: Overview of the work of the Holy Spirit * Fruit of the Holy Spirit * History of the Holy Spirit
L2 Filled with the Holy Spirit: The Day of Pentecost * The Holy Spirit Today * Receiving the Holy Spirit * Purpose of the Holy Spirit * The difference between the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit
L3 Spiritual Gifting: The Gifts and Callings of God * Mishandling Spirit Gifts
L4 Spiritual Gifting: Word of Wisdom * Word of Knowledge * Faith * Gifts of Healing * Scriptural conditions of Healing * Chastisement * Immediate Healing * Healing Process
L5 Spiritual Gifting: Divers Kinds of Tongues * The Gift of Tongues in the church * The Gid of Tongues for the individual * Intercession * Interpretationof Tongeus * Prophecy * Edification * Exhortation * The Delivery of the Gift of Prophecy * How do you tell a true Prophet?
L6 Spiritual Gifting: Working of Miracles * Discerning of Spirits * Gift of Helps * Admnistration or Governments * Perfecting the Gifts of the Spirit
L7 Administrative Offices of the Church: History of the Five-Fold Ministry * The Purpose of the Five-Fold Ministry * Apostle * Qualifications of the Apostle
L8 Administrative Offices of the Church: Prophet * Training to be a Prophet * Respecting the Office of the Prophet * Delivering the Message of God * The False Prophet * Evangelist * The Mission of the Evangelist * Training of the Evangelist * The Difference between the Office of the Evangelist and the Ministry of Evangelism
L9 Administrative Offices of the Church: Pastor * Training for the Pastor * Teachers * Lay Ministers (Elders, Deacons, and the Ministry of Helps) * Dedication and Consecration of Ministry
L10 Faith: The Measure of Faith * Increasing your Faith * Walking by Faith * Confession of Faith * Why it is important to Speak the Word of God * Different Levels of Faith
L11 Kingdom Authority: Know your enemy * Satan's History * The Keys of Kingdom Authority * Your Level of Authority
L12 Kingdom Authority: Spiritual Warfare * Strategic Plan for Spiritual Warfare * Kings and Priests * Giving God the Glory * Be a Team Player
L13 Level of Authority: Eight Levels in the Heaves * Earth's Atmosphere * Outer Space * Where God Rides * Where the Heavens Droop at the Horizon * Paradise * The Heavenly Tabernacle * Where did Satan Present Himself to God? * The Throne Room * The Lake of Fire * Spiritual Warfare (The Prince of Persia, There was War in Heaven)
L14 Level of Authority: Latter Day Army of God * Three Major Levels of Warfare
L15 Your Armor: Spiritual Armor * Helmet of Salvation * Breastplate of Righteousness * The Shield of Faith * The Sword of the Spirit * Loins Gird About with Truth * Feed Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace * Mastering Your Armor