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BaiLily Books, LLC
BaiLily Books has an amazing collection of Bible Fiction, Bible Non-Fiction, Curriculum for Bible Colleges or School of Ministry, and Bible Studies. 

DYNAMICS OF CHRISTIAN GROWTH             This is a four (4) book series that teaches foundational principles about the four levels of relationship that a believer can develop with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and finally how that is unified through spiritual maturity.
  These books are used in Bible Colleges, Schools of Ministry, Group Bible studies, and personal Bible Studies. Each lesson has a test at the end.

    Holy Spirit
    Baptism of Fire
    Spiritual Maturity                                                                                              
EQUIPPING FIVE-FOLD MINISTRIES            This series is still being written. The purpose is to train and provide resources for those called to Five-Fold Ministry. Other than those listed here, there are three other manuals: The Five-Fold Apostle, The Five-Fold Prophet, and The Five-Fold Evangelist.        

    Apostle (expected release 2025)
    Evangelist (expected release 2024)
    Prophet (expected release 2026)
EQUIPPING THE CHURCH                                   
​  Church leaders are important assets to the House of the Lord. They need to be trained to fully understand the scope of duties and responsibilities expected of them. This series of books is designed to do just that. In addition to those listed here, the following titles are planned: Equipping the Ministry (Ministry, Elders, and Deacons), Program Directors, Pre-Marital Counseling, and Armor Bearers.

    Christian Leadership
    Altar Ministry
    Healing (expected release fall 2023)
    Equipping the Ministry (Deacons, Elders, Lay Ministers)
                 (expected release end of 2023)
     Program Director (expected release 2024)

  Amazing books by Guyanne Lillie. These are the kind of books that you curl up with you favorite blankie and a cup of tea and just read for pleasure.

    The Unseen    
    The Portal  
    Forged in Fired (A Prayer Life)    
    Down the Dusty Road (expected release Winter 2023)                                                                                                           


  This series of books are the preaching notes of Dr. Gail Bailey for some of her most notable series of preaching. They include study notes not included in the sermon. Some of the unwritten titles are Job, Ezekiel's Wheel, The Matrix, and David, the King.

    The Shadow of the Cross-The Life of Joseph


    When there are babies in the house, the house is full of life. We know from experience that the natural born don't stay little long enough. They need training and direction. The spiritual babies are the same. This series of books provides 52 Lessons--an entire year of helping the new believer move from the altar of repentance to water baptism and learn to be fruitful and grow spiritually. 
  This has been a successful series in the New Believer's Class at Deliverance Tabernacle and other churches in Colorado will be using it as well. Each book provides 7-12 lessons, depending on the subject matter.

    Christianity 101
    Man a Living Soul (Body*Soul*Spirit)
    New Creation


​  This series of books are versitle. They can be used for reading pleasure or Bible study individually or with groups. Most tell a non-fiction story of "what could have been" while incorporating Bible study. 
  Halloween and The Drama Cycle are the best sellers in this series.

    Curse Breaker
    Kinsman Redeemer
    Logos to Rhema
    The Drama Cycle
    Vessel of Honor