"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, 
he is a new creation; 
old things have passed away; 
behold, all things have become new."
2 Corinthians 517


Welcome to the Body of Christ.


Deliverance Tabernacle is committed to partnering with New Believers in Christ.  We offer a comprehensive New Believer's & Discipleship Program designed to promote 
Christian growth and development.

The program is  separated into a series of six books:
  • Christianity 101, 
  • Man a Living Soul
  • New Creation
  • Foundations
  • Roots
  • Growth

After salvation, your next major milestone is water baptism. Then, you will work on b becoming part of the Body of Christ and building a relationship with the Lord. This program will teach you how to become a disciple of Christ.

For the first ten to twelve weeks, you will learn some basics and prepare to be baptized. You will develop your testimony to be given the day of your baptism, be introduced to church etiquette, and the ministries and programs offered by Deliverance Tabernacle. 

To welcome you into the family of Christ, the members of Deliverance Tabernacle will host a banquet in your honor.  It will be a proud day for you to invite friends, family and loved ones to share this memory with you.

Once the initial part of the course study is complete, you will be baptized and graduate to Discipleship classes. 

Your first year is like the first year in a child's life. You are going to be learning a lot! The main focus is spiritual growth and development.  

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New Believers' &
Discipleship Classes 

Classes are every Wednesday night 
from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

We offer Bible Clubs, Youth Group, Adult Bible Classes and Special Study Groups at the same time for your children or other 
family members to enjoy.


Deliverance Tabernacle uses the

New King James 
version of scripture from the pulpit

2017 New Believers at Baptism
2014 New Believer's Class
2016 New Believer's Class
2018 New Believer's Baptized
Rita Gallegos, Kyra Galvan, Tina Tafoya, Bertha Murphy (Instructor), 
Geraldine Rodriguez, Diane Leyba
Pastor Rick Armijo (Instructor), Jean Sjogren, Jeannie Steiner, Juan Nunez, Michelle Lang, Ricky Armijo,Pastor Yvonne Armijo, Lauren Nunez, Sarah Armijo
Pastors Rick & Yvonne Armijo (Instructors), Robin Romero, Denzel, Arlene Montoya, Elaine De Leon, Valerie Hernandez, and Jolena Casias
Top Row: Pastor Rick Armijo Director & Minister David Sanchez 
Middle Row: Samuel, James Swaw, Rueben, Cody Vasquez,  Minister Peggy Sanchez 
Front Row: Pastor Yvonne Armijo,Director,  Myrella, Inez Perez, Denise Vasquez, Celia Benavidez, Victoria Barros, 
Directors: Pastors Rick & Yvonne Armijo

 Felise Sanchez, Leonard Marquez, Rebecca Marquez, Dennis Lozano, Shar Alegria, Coach Hughes, Veronica Hughes
3939 W. Florida Ave.
Denver, CO  80219

Phone 303-455-5130    Fax 303-934-4262

A Sanctuary of Hope and Peace
Directors: Pastors Rick & Yvonne Armijo

from left: Ruby Bailey, Paul Bailey, Gina Walsh

  Sunday 11:00 AM                                                       Facebook Live
  Wednesday Bible Study & Bible Clubs 6:00 PM        YouTube
  Wednesday New Believer's & Discipleship Program 6:00 PM
  Thursday Journey to Recovery 6:30 PM
  Friday Night Prayer 7:30 PM

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New Believers & Discipleship Program

After giving your heart to the Lord, 
what comes next?
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"
Matthew 28:19
Above:Jennifer Duran
Right: Mark Rodriguez