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3939 W Florida Ave
Denver, CO  80219

Phone: (303) 455-5130
Fax: (303) 935-8687

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Deliverance Tabernacle

3939 W. Florida Ave.
Denver, CO  80219

Phone 303-455-5130    Fax 303-934-4262


A Sanctuary of Hope and Peace
From Federal Blvd and Florida Ave
Travel west (toward the montains) to Osceola St

Turn right, and enter parking lot

From Sheridan Blvd and Florida
Travel east on Florida to Osceola St

Turn left and turn into parking lot

3939 W. Florida Ave (Corner of Florida and Osceola).

  Sunday 11:00 AM                                                       Facebook Live
  Wednesday Bible Study & Bible Clubs 6:00 PM        YouTube
  Wednesday New Believer's Classes 6:00 PM
  Thursday Journey to Recovery 6:30 PM
  Friday Night Prayer 7:30 PM